Sunday, January 31, 2010

A full month of pictures!

My 31st picture! Crazy! It's funny, I'm using my camera everyday now, but I'm not taking as many random photos as I did. I think as I am moving forward in this challenge I'm learning to focus more on what I am putting in front of my camera. And actually because of this more focused shooting style more people are coming up to me to talk about photo shoots and whatnot. I've also been hired to shoot a wedding in May and in talks with another. Also, one of my good friends has a student film debuting in April, and guess who's hired to document the final shoot/movie poster? Yours truly. Sheer craziness, but I guess that's what happens when you start working on improving a skill.

Still nothing on my internship, I just need to hear back from one person then I can start moving forward again on going to either the Philippines or another place.

Picture # 31, I love me some sun flare!

My friends Joy, Lauren and I went for a hike in the snow today. We had a total blast and I think I really surprised Lauren with my picture ideas. I'm all about sun flare now so of course to finish up the hike I had the camera into the sunlight. And because it's been 31 days of posting pictures, I'm throwing in another one from earlier on in the day.

Picture # 31b, Thoughts among friends!

All in all, a wonderful, lazy day with a good bout of exercise. School already has a two hour delay tomorrow, but pretty much all students are praying a cancellation. Personally, I would be really shocked if we had school because everyone I've talked to has said that the roads are terrible. One of my friends went out to run to the gym and he said he nearly died. And as we all know, dead students equal unhappy parents, which equals less money for the school, so if my school wants to remain in business they should obviously cancel the day. :)

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