Saturday, January 30, 2010

We got snow!

Today Virginia received easily a foot of snow. And it's still going. It's supposed to stop for tomorrow, but I'm positive that school will be canceled on Monday. Then we are supposed to get even more on Tuesday. So I guess that it's a really good thing I didn't drive home. I could have been stuck away from school for who knows how long.

I wanted to go out and do all kinds of fun things in the snow, but with the wind and snowflakes still coming down pretty hard I just went for a short walk. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be bright and gorgeous. And since there is nothing else to report on, here's the pic of the day!

Picture # 30! Hanging out with Stacy!

Haha, yup, another picture with Stacy. She has snowflakes up all over her room so we had to bring some out into the real snow.

Now I can't wait for tomorrow!

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