Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reminiscent Kissin' Kate Barlow (Holes)

Today I got up semi-early and used the natural light to my advantage. In my head I had this awesome plan of how I wanted the bearded dragon picture to look. I was only going to use the two younger lizards and lie down on the floor and let them just chill my shirt, but when I talked to Jessica she had a completely different idea. She also convinced me to add in Ziggy, the oldest bearded dragon. He just sat in the same place the entire time and looked majestic. Anyway, we first went for the floor idea, but in my house there are only two options. Brown carpet and off-white tile. Neither work well for professional shots. Jessica dug up a solid black plastic table cloth but the light just bounced off of it. Not flattering. So instead we created our own little set. We had to rearrange a lot of stuff to get something that would photograph well. And the end result was something that actually looks quite natural for the Lizards and allowed me to pose comfortably.

Picture # 12! I must have eaten some Onions!

So I learned that you don't have to have professional equipment to get a solid shot. Just a lot of creativity! Had I thought about the snake set yesterday with a lot more care it probably could've been a lot better. But you live and you learn. Just two more pictures left of home, I'm thinking about doing Friday's here as well, since I'll be at school for months. So I guess Friday's picture will be a surprise for all!

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  1. Rest in peace my majestic bearded friend. Heres the last gallant picture before you left. I will always remember your curious gaze.