Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blending in

Not much to say today. Looking ahead at what my schedule might be for this semester is daunting. A lot of projects are solely on me to get them done. No accountability. Which scares me to the core. If I stay focused and use some good time management, I'll be great. If I don't, I'll crash and burn.

Good thing my fruit of the spirit this year is Self-Control. I think I'll have to be in constant communication with God this semester to make it through. And this year, I'm branching out. I'll learning new skills as well as honing old ones. I'm also considering taking a leadership role on my hall this semester which would mean a big time commitment and it will probably take a lot out of me. But the pros are outweighing the cons right now. Hopefully taking the position won't overwhelm me later. Ok, enough with the whining and being a Debbie Downer.

Picture # 19 "Blending In"

I look so sad today. Oh well, everyday can't be a happy day. In fact, I'm already planning on posting a crying picture about half-way through to be versatile. I don't think this picture is very pretty, but this project isn't about being pretty. It's working to convey emotion through an image. To gain confidence in front of the camera, no matter what I am doing.

I call today's photo "Blending In" because my shirt was quite close to the color of the wall I am set against. But it can also be interpreted as more allegorical, and much deeper. I'll leave the deeper meanings behind this picture up to you today. Tell me what meaning you get from this particular image.  

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