Monday, January 25, 2010

Wind can be your friend...

Or it can be your enemy. The weather was amazing today. The sun was out shining, the clouds were high and pretty, it seemed like everything was perfect. Except for the wind. I was desperate to be able to just wear a short sleeved shirt and walk all over campus, but the wind made it super cold.

It kind of got me to thinking, sometimes everything in life looks great, like the sun is shining right on you. But what you think to be all good has an unseen bad side. For example, I have been working on a specific internship for the Philippines where I would be  over there for two full months. Then I met with a member of my church who has just emailed several of his colleagues to see about me getting an internship through another corporation. At first I thought this new opportunity would be the better one for me, but as I am drawing closer to God and asked a close friend about these new organisations, I realize that the Philippines is really where I need to be for the summer.

Do you see where I am going with this? I feel like my initial internship was my hot sun, but now with the knowledge that my resume and cover letter are out in five other companies right now is blowing my mind. It's like an invisible force and I can't decide whether it's going to cool me down or completely freeze me. Ugh. Now my own metaphor can't even make sense. I'm giving up for the night and leaving this in God's hands. I'll end up where he wants me. No matter where I end up, I know I'll be stretched and challenged.

My picture today is a complete profile. In this case I am using my sunny day and the wind, both a mutual contributer in today's pic. One thing I learned in this shoot was that i absolutely love the contrast between myself and the open sky. There is just something so freeing when my head is in the clouds. :)

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