Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain + Woodsy area equals...

You decide. I've been indecisive all day, might as well continue on here. My friend Matt gave me the idea for my location, then when I went back to the lab I had the four boys hanging out there help me to narrow down my images. My favorite got shot down, but this one got two votes.
Picture # 231

And this one everyone liked, but the consensus was that it's to much like Twilight. Not my intention, but I think it looks pretty cool!
Twilight picture!

Get ready for tomorrow, I've got a fun December one planned!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A peek into my closet

Because I'm sure that is all you people want to see a picture of. No, really I was just feeling lazy and this was the best I could do today. Sometimes my creativity really takes off, but it's hard to keep up with. It's hard to get to different locations and so I'm really starting to have to work when I have to use my apartment.
Picture # 230

Woo hoo! Now if only all those clothes in there were mine, but the closet is split evenly between Amy and I. My wardrobe is pretty small though, so sometimes Amy (and Lauren too!) is nice enough to share. They have really made this year so amazing.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clone/Ghost machine

So my friend Gracie and I were just innocently doing homework all day today. But then, when we took a brake to make smoothies in her magical (and very sharp) ninja blender, we discovered that when you press the button on the bottom a double of yourself appears! Then when you switch the little lever a high-class ghost of that double appears. At first we were REALLY freaked out. But then we had to get back to homework and while we were sitting at our computers the doubles and ghosts just kinda did their own thing.
Picture # 229
I declare today-A pretty productive day. Still have a ton of work to do though, mostly editing.

BOOOOO. Anyone wanna edit some videos for me?


I'm back at my apartment and I took the night to lounge around. And when I lounge around (in the winter at least), there is only one thing that works for me. My couch-potato! I got it as a Christmas present from my Aunt Nancy when I was in the 5th ( I think) grade. My cousin Jen and I used to both fit in it and we would tell each other secrets when we were younger. Can't quite do that anymore, but I still love this thing!
Picture # 228
 "My magical powers, over creatures and over mind"
Aka, I had way to much photoshop fun. Doesn't look that realistic or anything, but I had a lot of fun making it and did this in about twenty minutes. 

And... you know I rock this couch potato! I'm rocking it out, Holla!
Link love;
The background picture I used is by Jayson Emery. And I have taken a picture with thing on before. Way back in February, on Valentine's day!  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last day home till X-mas break

Black Friday was pretty successful for my mom and I. Not nearly as much as other years, but all I desperately needed was a vacuum cleaner and I got that! Can't wait to test it out in my apartment. Aka... tomorrow, b/c I'm driving back a day early to make sure my cat didn't die or destroy my room. And to hopefully accomplish some homework that I just did not do at home.
Picture # 227

I tried to get Angel (My sister's dog) to pose with me. As you can see, she didn't quite understand. But she sure enjoyed all the attention!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I was kept super busy for most of the day doing the typical girly kitchen stuff and failed at taking a picture of all the amazing food in my house... Even when family came over, it just wasn't a picture-taking day. It was a day for being with my family, a day for reflection, and a day for prayer.

Just before five, we feasted. And I was stuffed. Family stayed till sometime after seven, and around ten I snuck into the fridge for some leftovers.
Picture # 228

Oh Thankgiving... I ate to much junk food. But it's good to be celebrating such a great holiday with so many of my family. Sadly, did not get to see my grandfather today, but we are all going in to see him tomorrow. Along with doing some Black Friday shopping!

The Day before Thanksgiving

I have had the weirdest day. Overall it was great, I even ran into a few friends that I haven't seen in forever. But once I get into my house I feel like I change. I lose drive, I can't focus, etc. Instead of living life to the fullest, I crash onto my living room couch or upstairs and don't get anything done. And the way I've been feeling lately with some other things going on in my life it's just not good. But tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and family is coming over and I'm going into the hospital to visit my grandfather again. And then I go shopping on Friday and drive back to my apartment on Saturday!
Picture # 227 "I Feel Like a Monster"
Here is a link to the song that inspired my picture!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It looks like I got home in good timing, though in a rough spot. My grandfather is in the hospital and I went to go visit him tonight. He is going into surgery tomorrow and he's in a lot of pain. It was really, really hard.
But anyway, I took my picture tonight with my sister's dog Angel. She's pretty much an indoor dog all the time now and is getting really spoiled.
Picture # 226
Can you spot my cat Kyo in the background?! The poor guy, he is so jealous that Angel is getting some of his attention!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A quite sad adventure

Woke up EARLY this morning to get the lovely Brittney out to the train station in time for her bus. I then proceeded to crash for a few more hours. Then I did some chores and later left to go meet my friend Taryn downtown. Unfortunately... when I closed my door to help her with a photography project, I realized that my keys were right there, sitting on the seat. Since both of my roommates are out of town, there wasn't anyway I could get my spare keys. This is only the second time since I've been driving that I locked myself out and the first time my dad came to the rescue. It was a small and painful life lesson, but at least Taryn was super nice the entire time and we got to spend some more time talking and catching up. Also, my tri-pod was locked inside as well, so my picture today is from the roof of my poor car.
Picture #225
Love the motion blur!

Midnight runs to Micky-D's

So... my picture today is crap. I had announced on facebook that I was going to be making a blanket fort today but so I was waiting to take my picture when my friend Brittney came over and we were going to construct it. But, she just found out that she could go home for Thanksgiving and so instead I was over at her dorm, helping her to pack and just chatting and whatnot. And when we were done, we just decided to run to McDonald's and call it a night since I have to drive her to the train station at 7:00 AM.
Picture # 225
Oh McDonald's... and no make-up! We know we rockin' it. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last day of marching band!

Man today was sure interesting. It definitely was a great last day of marching band but I am so ready to move on and look towards the future. My poor friend Ciera was super sad, but I think the move on will be good for the both of us. Life is full of swift transitions, and you can never live in the past. Now if only I could take my own advice about some other drama in my life I'd be golden...

But seriously I really am looking forward to the future and finally "graduating" from Marching Band. I've been marching for nine years, been a band geek for much longer. It's sad, but definitely time.
Picture # 224
Yes, I was not aware that someone *mason cough cough* was about to attack my head. Fun times!

Sis picture with a BF!

Today was crazy, traveled to my sister's school to pick her up and bring back here. My friend Grace was driving back today, so I was the middleman to make sure my sister got back home safe.
But... this means I really wasn't up to doing anything creative today. Next time.
Picture # 223

Oh, and I got asked to the marching band banquet today! He specifically made sure that he could ask me in person, not over facebook or anything. Seriously made my day, that meant a lot and I really respect him for taking the risk. I so cannot wait to go now!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wind in my apartment?

Today was a weird day. I went into school pretty much brain dead. I couldn't focus on anything my professors said, and honestly just wanted to go back to sleep. But once I got out of class, life was pretty good. A couple of guys (six to be exact) made my day by holding open doors as I was walking into different buildings. It's not something I expect, but I honestly do appreciate it when guys take the time to do that. It's funny, my freshman year I hated it when it was obvious they were going to hold the door open for me. Oh how things change...

Picture # 222

Almost copped out today. I was debating on just either skipping or taking a weird picture where I didn't show my face. But then I tried to start thinking of different ways to get inspiration. One of the first things I thought of was a quote I had heard saying, "Everything looks better with wind!" I don't even remember where I heard it, but I decided to make it happen. 
So... I begged God to send a little breeze through my hair. Jk, I set up where I wanted to take my picture and got my roommate Lauren to use the hairdryer on me. It was really fun!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Editing=long day

It really was a long day, but a good one. Though I think I am going to head to bed soon and get up early to work on the homework that I didn't get done today. Oh well. Stupid editing, it really does take me forever. But I was doing it for Christian Service, so it works out.

Anyway, I just happened to feeling like hanging out for multiple hours at the lab today. This is what happens.
Picture # 221

*Mad props to my friend Matt C. for coming up with the idea! Two of the guys in the lab have a video project due tomorrow (Procrastinators!) so Tyler ended up using this "hanging" idea to create a news package off of it. Very fun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pretty colors!

It was a very rainy day, so I ended up not going outside much. But it worked out, because I was able to use this awesome spot at the media lab where I hang out all the time. I probably drive the guys who work there crazy, but I love it.
Picture # 220!
Yes, this is a wall of DVDs. Apparently Bill one day decided to take all of the student projects he had collected over the years to glue them into some sort of rainbow-y masterpiece. 

And... because I'm not 100% satisfied with my picture today, I'm posting another one where I look completely different....and I had way to much fun in Photoshop. :D 

Monday, November 15, 2010

P B & J

I need to have more P B & J in my life. Which in my apartment, stands for; Prayer, Bible and Jesus. I'm just saying, I really do need more PB&J. Especially since this week I need to do some really hard stuff that I do NOT want to do.
Anyway, my friend Shara and I were both in South Carolina this weekend but somehow neglected to take pictures together. This is very sad, and a pretty big deal so we decided to fix this today. We are also going to do another one soon!
Picture # 219
Isn't Shara just gorgeous?! Seriously she is one of the prettiest girls I know. And on a side note, I almost died to get this picture. The ground was really wet where we were and I was wearing the worst shoes possible for this. (This was an unplanned photoshoot...) So on the way down to the epic-looking roots I took a tumble. Luckily I wasn't hurt, my bottom took most of the impact and there is seriously I have so much cushion I was completely fine. But my awesome red shoes from Egypt got all wet and muddy, gross. 

Sunrise pictures by MASON!

Realize that this it is FREEZING outside, and oh how it showed on my face...
I don't think I will ever volunteer to do water pictures in November ever again. That being said, it was SO WORTH IT!

Back to my apt.!

Wow today was a crazy day... actually, this entire weekend was crazy. I am not one of those who can go on such little sleep, I am about to crash right now, but I really just want to get these pictures up before I put it off for too long. Besides, I get to sleep in till about nine or ten tomorrow (aka this) morning.
Friday's picture!
Picture # 216
I did not want to do ANYTHING for this picture. So you see me making a face in front of the shower curtain in my hotel room. 

Saturday's picture(s)!
Got a bit artsy for this picture... I would have loved to take my picture outside in the sun but when it was sunny I was at the football game working for the band and didn't want to take the easy way out. But I did take this picture as well, just to show the ocean.
There is a faint line of white foam behind me... that's about all you can see. 

And finally, Sunday's picture!!!
Picture # 218
Oh yes, I got up with the sun. This picture is a shout-out to my amazing Spring Break I had last year. Being out on the beach I really missed the two girls who aren't in band and couldn't travel with Dawn and I. 
And... I really wish I had a few of the pictures to show you guys now, but you are going to have to wait. My friend Mason is working on his portfolio and so before we left I told him he could take pictures of me out in the ocean on Sunday. Once the sun was fully up (but still that amazing Golden hour!) I got out of my sweats and hopped in. The water itself wasn't that bad... it was getting out and walking back up to my hotel that was almost torture. Never again, but this one time was definitely worth it. I had fun and learned a lot from doing it and sometimes you just have to be willing to step on out and be a little crazy!  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Carolina

I spent my day traveling on about three hours of sleep. I made it safe and sound with my school's marching band, but am in a place with spotty internet and so I can't get the work I need to get done. It's very upsetting, but as long as I can get to work as soon as I get home on Sunday it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
In other news, I am producing a music video, and hopefully tomorrow will be our last shoot. It's so sad that I can't be there, but I did the best I could to make sure everything is as close to taken care of as I could. I really do hope it goes well.
Picture # 216
.... Ok, nothing is popping up. It took me forever just to get on here, I don't think it can handle posting a picture. 

Just know that I will be continuing and will post the pictures as soon as I can. If I can find good wireless tomorrow (pretty sure there is a Starbucks within walking distance) I'll get them up then!

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah make-up!

So, I've been out and about all night and did not have nearly as much time to dedicate to tonight's post as I would like. But my friend Sarah did my hair and make-up for today's picture and I am going to link to every picture she has done in the past for me. If you would like to get something done she does weddings, photo/video shoots, specialty (Zombies), etc.
Picture # 215
I feel like my eyes look huge in this picture! 

Anyway, links to all things Sarah!
From Nov. 8th - Hairdying
From Halloween - Egyptian
And from my 100th self-portrait- Punk(ish) Princess

You can also see her work featured in the latest Option LU, my favorite news show! It's a show made by students for students at Liberty University. The students work super hard and the episodes just keep getting better and better!

And I haven't forgotten about posting a picture from the photoshoot on Nov. 8th. Here is my favorite. 
Dying girl running
She needed an image that went along with a book cover of a thrill/horror type thing. Yes, it was cold. And I got asked later by a friend why I had been looking like a crack addict. Oh... the things I do for art. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of me

I honestly wasn't going to do this for my picture of the day, but I wanted to see if I could do it. Turns out I can, and will definitely be trying stuff like this again in the future!
*Disclaimer: This picture i not very good. It's an attempt to try something completely new and to experiment in Digital Imaging. :)
Picture # 214
Lot's of me!
Haha all of my poses are complete crap. Oh well. I would love to try this again outside. One of the pictures that kind of inspired me was of a  guy playing tag with himself. So clever!

Beautiful feet

I used to hate my feet. I would always keep them locked up in socks and sneakers, never letting them be free in the air. Sneakers really were like a security blanket, and honestly, I would feel uncomfortable if I wasn't wearing something that enclosed my entire foot.
But not anymore! For some strange reason, I turned a complete 180 and love to be barefoot now. I even have a pair of Vibrams so I can go wherever and feel like I'm not really wearing shoes. They are flippin' awesome!
Also, my inspiration for today's picture is the Biblical passage where Jesus washes his disciples feet (John 13).
My feet

My amazing and beautiful roommate Amy (Posts here and here) painting

Amy also has recently joined Flickr! Here is her profile.

The close up of my feet! We had so much fun talking. And we laughed a lot, because every time she would swivel the paint brush I would giggle because it tickled. I'm not even very ticklish!

Picture # 213

Wow, today's took a long time today, and I had to figure out a lot in photoshop. It's definitely not what I envisioned in my head, but the idea is there and I can only get better from here on out! And Thursday is going to be where I post about Sarah, my awesome friend who wants to be a make-up artist. ...Thursday's picture should be fun. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camera fun!

This is straight out of the camera. I love playing around with what my Canon can do. :)

Picture # 212

So fun!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair dyed and a photoshoot

GREAT day today. Not much for school work, but definitely got a lot accomplished.
And yes... I did dye my hair. Let me take you through my process.
Step 1:
Document old hair. 

Step 2:
Wait a ridiculously long time for the dye to take. 
 Good thing I had my friend Sarah to wait with me. I'll probably write up a huge blog about her mad skills tomorrow. 
Step 3: 
Make sure all the dye is out!
Step 4:
Dry and see how it turned out.
It's hard to see the real color in this pic but I really like how it turned out. It's not very dramatic but it's a lot less two-toned. In some lighting it doesn't look red at all, but just a warm dark brown. Which makes me very happy, because that is my natural hair color!

Picture # 211

 Sarah (who also helped dye my hair...) is taking a photoshop class and needed some images to work with. So she did some fun make-up and we went outside. I'll probably post a pic or two tomorrow, just to showcase her work, but since I wasn't behind the camera I figured I still had to take one more. :)
Oh, and meet LU (pronounced Lou), our beta who lives on our counter. And the random half-person you see is Patrick, Amy's boy-friend who half lives here, haha.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick post!

Ok, so I am about to head out to see Inception and that means that I basically have five minutes to post a picture before my friend comes and picks me up. I would have done it earlier, but I was working for my school's marching band at the football game for the vast majority of the day. That's where I ended up taking the picture... It was easy...
Picture # 210
 I took this with my "co-worker" Mason. We are photography buddies! He certainly keeps life interesting and he is one of the few who can get away with calling me Bethany (which is NOT my name!)
(See? Proof!)

G2g!!! Can't wait to see this movie!!!!!


I worked outside tonight and my toes nearly got frozen off! I had a babysitting job earlier on today, for a woman that I met my sophomore year when I took an educational tour of Israel. *Tip, if you ever go to Egypt, or another Middle Eastern country and you have visited Israel, keep it on the down low.
Anyway, I thought I would have had time in between babysitting and work to go grab real shoes... but I didn't. So my hands and feet were freezing for about two hours while I walked around outside and wrote notes. But, this led to my picture today!
Picture # 209
All the ingredients needed to warm me right up! Milk, hot chocolate mix, dark chocolate to add in and some candy corn! Plus some photoshop fun and I call it a night. 

Took some time and went through a ton of photos today. Here are my top pictures of my Holly Baby!

We got two dogs from the same litter when I was ten. Angel is the white and black dog, and she is my sister's. What's funny is that our dogs really do (did) reflect our personalities. But Holly and Angel have NEVER been separated other than one day when Holly got lost, and then three days when Angel got lost in the snow (She had been picked up and we knew the next day, but because of the snow we had to wait... I think). I have no idea on how Angel is taking being the only dog. The poor thing. 

If there is one word I had to describe Holly as, is HAPPY. She was always a happy dog and no matter what kind of mood I was in she was ecstatic to see me. ...And then she'd wander off and pretend not to hear when I called. She definitely had her own personality.