Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friend fun.

Well, I got bored today. I put away some clothes, I organized some bins, and then I got on the internet. After an hour and a half I went out to Walmart with a friend in my quad and we stocked up on supplies. Then after we got back I went on the internet again and watched some TV (yay for Hulu!). Then I reconnected with another girl upstairs and went out to dinner with another one. We got some delicious Mexican food and then sang songs in her room. We eventually came back to my dorm and I asked if she wanted to be in my pic of the day. She was not expecting me to set the camera up but was dealt with it. So everyone, meet my good friend Ciera!

Picture #16!

My face is just the slightest bit out of focus and it bothers me. But I forgot to change the focus to manual so I fail. But Ciera looks super cute! And we even match, though we didn't notice it till half-way through. It was like our destiny to take a picture together today. Haha!

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