Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dropped the Ball

Wow, I cannot believe I missed yesterday. I had my picture all ready to go too. I almost went to bed when I realized that I still had yet to actually post the picture (Que palm slap to forehead). Oh well, just about 25 minutes past, not to bad. Anyway, here is my picture of the day!

Picture # 13 (Though late)

Yeah, I totally used the snow while I had the chance! I'm actually standing on top of the frozen marsh in front of my house. While the snow is almost entirely gone now, there was a lot left on the marsh because of the ice. I had fun doing this shoot, but yes, my hands were freezing!

*On the internship note, I submitted my resume to another company working with the IMB. I'm not sure how it'll go over, but I might not be going to the Philippines if this works out. It could mean a much better opportunity for me, and possible employment after graduation.

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