Sunday, January 17, 2010

My girl Stacy

Today is the 17th posting for my 365 project. I can't believe that the time has flown by that quickly. It seems that just last week I was passing my final math class. But no, an entire month has gone by. And my internship is just as confusing as it was last semester. Only God knows what I'll be doing this summer now. 

Anyway, onto my good friend Stacy. I met Stacy at color guard camp, and she was put into my squad. We had fun, and my squad was the best. :) After marching band season was over, we still liked to chat and hang out. And she is a photographer as well, but she shoots with Nikon, whereas I use Canon. When I first decided to start a 365 project I told her about it, and we decided that we'd both do it and keep each other accountable. It's been working out well so far. So here's to the first picture of Stacy and I!

Stacy also does a lot with acting and dance, so she has a ton of fun makeup. I'm excited for some of the ideas we talked about. The future is looking bright for this project. 

One quick note. Tomorrow is the first day of classes, and I am not really prepared. Second, I seem to be getting a cold on top of everything. I pray it doesn't last very long, otherwise I'm going to be miserable all throughout the week. See ya tomorrow!

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