Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vacation is winding down

Well, today I got to visit with some family and spend some quality time with friends. And this morning I hit up Walmart and my mom paid for everything I picked out. Gotta love the free stuff. But reality is starting to set in as one of my close friends is leaving tomorrow, I'm leaving Friday, and my cousin is leaving the 25th. Hard to believe how different our schedules are.
Oh, and I just found out some major news. I have been assigned a roommate! My roommate from the fall graduated, meaning that for all of break no one else was in my room. It would have been nice if it had stayed that way, but after talking a bit with her through facebook she seems pretty cool. Although she is engaged and the wedding date is in July. It seems that this year I am doomed to be surrounded by happy couples as my old roommate is getting married, along with at least four other couples that I'm friends with. Unfortunately I'll only be able to make it to two weddings as the time of the other weddings conflicts with my internship. While sad about not getting celebrate the happy day with my friends, I'm still glad about getting to work in my internship.

And now, picture # 9!
Also titled, "I have the coolest friends"

For this picture I set a very low shutter speed (0"4). I stood completely still while having my two awesome friends (Chris and Emily) moved around like madmen. It was quite humorous and we had some interesting results, but I love all of our facial expressions in this photo the most. And looking that this picture made me realize that I need to bring my head forward more. I kind of just sat back and did nothing. Which resulted in an unflattering pose. Next time I'll do better, but at I'm learning something out of this project!

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