Monday, February 1, 2010

A two hour delay

That's what we got today. Even though everyone begged to have the day off. But no, we still went to class after 10:00. I'm not sure if it was the right decision though, because apparently a lot of people slipped and got hurt. I heard one girl got a concussion after slipping in the parking lot. Which was easy to do because the school workers did not clear them out enough. It was very dangerous and very scary.

But...I got a lot done today and had fun in the snow. I even saw some kids had built an igloo, and it was huge! I have yet to build an igloo, I must admit. Also, my roommate and I had a snowball fight! And yes, I took pictures. I was ready and raring to let that snowball fly so I got lazy and put it on auto.

Picture # 32! Revenge!!!

I had just hit her with a snowball and of course she retaliated. She got me right on the hip, so props to her. Oh, and before I forget, my roommate's name is Ashley, and she is less than 5 feet! But she has a big personality, so you can never overlook her. :) She's also getting married over the summer so she's on the phone with her beau every night. *Eye roll. Actually it's not that bad since my roommate from last semester was getting married too so I'm definitely used to dealing with girls in love. I just don't get it yet.

Oh, and it's officially Black History Month! My school is kicking February off with a free movie, "The Pursuit of Happiness." Nice.  

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