Saturday, January 2, 2010

The second day...

Well I have two things to report on today. First, I got an email from Che' about my internship. In case you haven't read previous posts, Che' is/was my mentor for my internship in the Philippines. She asked my if I had heard back from the IMB yet and no, I haven't. So now I am thinking that maybe I didn't get the internship at all. Which in the overall scope of things isn't that big of a deal, but for my immediate hopes and dreams this would be devastating. So hopefully this week I will get an email from the IMB.
Second, my photo of the day!

I need to watch out for the natural light. I don't own professional lighting kits and I, for some reason, waited until it was 5 0'clock to shoot this. But I think it turned out ok, and I even got one of my cats to sit in with me. So, model I am not, but do I look comfortable in this pic? Oh yes. And now for the info!

f-stop: f/11
Exposure: 1/6 second
ISO: 400

See you tomorrow!

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