Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Today was busy. To say the least. I'm driving back to Virginia tomorrow, and I have yet to pack. My laundry is all done, but that's about it. I'm not to worried though, I'm not in any hurry to get there. Well, I am, since I already have dinner plans with a good friend, and I'd get to meet my new roommate. But I don't have to hit the road that early. And I'll probably forget something, I always do. So why am I on this blog when I've got packing to do? Because I missed yesterday and I refuse to let that happen again. And I also have the cutest story to tell.

The picture today wasn't really taken by me. Around noon today I went over to a good, good friend's house. We traveled to Mexico together when I was in high school, and she became my mentor. I also became close to a leader on the trip, Mr. Dan. I never would have guess this then, but two years later they got married. Now they have two absolutely beautiful children, one boy and one girl. After the two year old boy got up from his nap he had a blast going around their house and pointing out all kinds of different things around. He even asked me to read him a bit of a book. It was the cutest thing. Well anyway after the "tour," we went back to the main room and I got out my camera. After taking about three pictures the little boy was all over it. I'm pretty mellow about my stuff, so when he asked questions about it I placed the tripod on the floor mostly closed up and started explaining buttons. I kept my hand on the tripod as he chose his own setting (Sport) and pointed the camera at the couch. He shot a lot of pictures around the room and then pointed the camera at me. Here is his picture.

Picture # 14

I added a little contrast and desaturation, but the image is really close to what he shot in camera. And haha, note my arm at a weird angle. Still holding onto that tripod!

*Side note: If you ever get the chance to see the Temptations perform live, go! I was given the opportunity to run a camera for a quick interview of the band, and after that was done I got to see the show for free. Wow, it was powerful. And I was so nervous shooting the interview. There would have been no chance for a redo if I messed it up. But thankfully, everything went well. :)

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