Thursday, September 30, 2010

My camera is gone. :(

But it will come back! My roommate (the one who took my trash the dress pics), is gone for the weekend to shoot the pictures for her boyfriend's brother's wedding. Haha. I could probably completely re-work this sentence into something much better....but it's late and I don't want to. :P

Anyway, I'll be using her point and shoot for the weekend, which will be super different. I'm not even sure if her camera has a self-timer, which is how I take most of my pictures. It's a good thing I like challenges!

Picture # 173
Haha I like this shot because it actually looks like I have a strong jaw here. Weird I know, but it's how I feel!

*Random note. I have been on a RIDICULOUS musical kick. I can't seem to stop looking up different musicals and playing the songs over and over again. It's going to drive my some of my friends (aka the video guys I hang out with) absolutely crazy soon!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Green Blazer

It's actually my little sister's, but she's letting me borrow it for the semester. I rarely wear it since it is so far away from my normal style, and plus I really don't care for the color green all that much. But I chose to wear it today and all day long I got a lot of compliments as to how awesome it is. :) Wasn't really expecting it, but it sure made my day brighter! And with the weather, I definitely needed it. Here is my favorite shot, rocking it out in the rain!
Picture # 172
I do love the rain, but not when I'm carrying about expensive stuff. So while I should have taken my picture earlier in the day, or when I went out for ice cream with my good friend Kevin, I didn't. But I think I did a good job of embracing my surroundings later during the night. Oh! And for another picture of the green blazer, click here. *More trash the dress pics to come! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sun Flare!

So apparently the weather was supposed to be awful for the entire week. But I got out of my 7:40 class this morning and the clouds were breaking while the sun was starting to shine through. By the time I left school it was quite warm! And I hit my balcony with the most perfect timing. Check out the amazing sun flare. :)
Picture # 171
 I couldn't believe it when I saw the image on screen. It worked out muh better than I thought it would have. 

And because I had a lot of people ask me to post more, here are two more pictures from my trash the dress. 
Yes, I got my feet wet. :)

I really couldn't resist trying to do something so completely out of the norm. No one would ever attempt a roundhouse kick in a water-laden wedding dress...except for me! Not as intense as I was going for, but I still like it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My own Trash the Dress!!!

Well, very recently I posted a picture from my first Trash the Dress session. Though I was super inspired by the model I did not think I would be able to do a Trash the Dress session for myself anytime soon. But lo and behold, it happened. OH YES.

One of my good friends is working on building his photography skills and so we had already scheduled to have a photoshoot today during the sunset golden hour. But the weather was crappy today. And because I had talked about doing a trash the dress session on facebook, another good friend contacted me eariler and said she had a dress she is selling for cheap. So I looked at the weather, called my friend around 1:30 and made things happen. Since I knew that this was going to be a pretty big deal, I went ahead and called another good photographer friend who is looking to build his professional portfolio and then texted my roommate and her boyfriend. I am SO glad my roommate was able to show up, because wrestling with that dress was crazy hard. I couldn't have done what I did today without her. Anyhoo, on to the pics!
Here are two my roommate took with my camera...
 *Pictures by Amy Quesenberry*

 And finally.... My self-portrait! I didn't take one with the dress on, my hands were muddy and I didn't want to mess up my camera. So I changed out of the beautiful, trashed dress and then took my picture... Of my muddy face!
Picture # 170
SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I seriously had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat. And I'm sorry if these pictures are looking a bit pixelated. They look just fine in my folders, but maybe when I uploaded them blogger did something to the quality. Oh well, I still love the images!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My beautiful Cat

My cat's name is Pepper, and she is living with me in my apartment this year. It hasn't been the easiest adjustment for us, but I am very glad she is with me. Anyway, this is a pretty quick shot because I am about to leave for a movie night and last time I went I got back home after midnight. So just in case I don't get to take my 'real' self-portrait over there with friends then I've got this one up! Oh...I just got atext asking when I'm getting there. I gotta hit the road!

Picture # 169

Normally she looks so nice and sweet. But I caught her at a bad time so she was kind of mad. She looks like she's about to scratch me! Luckily, she rarely ever does that. Normally she just runs off and hides under the bed instead.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Football Game!

This year instead of being in the Color guard, I am on scholarship as a videographer for the Marching band, where my main job is to create the new recruitment video. But anyway, today call time was 8 AM to go to an away game. Even though I had no time of my own on Saturday, it actually was a pretty good day. My team lost, but it happens, and we fought pretty hard.
-Not quite a self, but I love it!

Picture # 168
Not the best, but I wasn't there to take pictures, I was there to film things.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun with Grace!

Well, I was expecting to work tonight but they ended up not needing me so I went over to my friend Grace's house. And we had a blast together. She honestly is one of my favorite people in this world and the things we do can only be labeled as crazy. But anyway, one of our mutual friends had just started her first night of working at Dick's Sporting Goods so we decided to go support and surprise her. Here is a picture I stole from Grace's camera.
The three of us, so fun! 
 And here is my self-portrait of the day!
Picture # 167
Not the best, but I love that you can see Grace working out on the rowing machine and Christine smiling encouragingly in the background. And yes, that is a bright orange price sticker on my head. Christine determined that I was worth $19.99. A pretty good deal, if you ask me. I can cook, I can take pictures, and I can even dance! Somewhat...
*Which reminds me. When I found out I wasn't going to be working I wanted to go salsa dancing instead. But the guy I asked to go turned me down. :( Guess my dancing skills will forever be on least until I can find a guy!

Trash the dress

If you haven't heard of trash the dress sessions, do an image search right now. It's worth it, trust me. Ever since discovering what trashing the dress meant, I have been drooling over the amazing images that can be created. If I ever get married, I fully intend to trash the dress after my honeymoon. Anyway, here is the reason why I brought the subject up. I received a call today from one of my favorite people telling me that he was going to take pictures of his wife in her wedding dress before they store it away. While this session was more dusty than wet, I still loved the idea and was so blessed to be able to come along!

Here are two of my favorites so far.

If this beautiful bride looks familiar to you, it's because I attended her wedding back in May!

And while I did have my picture taken while out and about, all of them are on my friend's camera, so here is me, in my apartment's most comfy-est chair.

Picture # 166
I really like my eyes in this one. Is it just me or do they look huge! Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll get a more creative self-portrait. Peace all!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes! I did it.

I'm all about celebrating the small victories. I made it a point to take a picture today. I look very pensive in it. :)
I also found a poor young cat who was desperate to get out of the rain. So I took her inside for a little bit, but then my roommates had to put her back out while I was gone because my cat Pepper was freaking out. Oh well. I really hope she finds her way back home. 
Looking forward to tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And....I'm back!

I know, I know, I've been missing forever and I've given the whole, "It's hard!" excuse. But really, I'm back. I swear! For the longest time I have had to use the school computers and such because my laptop broke. Luckily, I was promised a new one for Christmas and when I got to go home over the weekend my dad found out about my problem and went ahead and bought me a new one. He's amazing. :)

I'm going to have a TON of work to do while I am getting my new computer all set up. I've got pictures to transfer, software to upload, and so much more! And I just do not have a lot of time on my hands. But I'm going to make finishing this project a priority, and we shall see how it goes.

Anyhoo, here are a few self-portraits that I have taken recently, and then I will get back into my regular habit of taking them everyday. Hopefully.

Picture # 161
I was feeling silly. :)

Picture # 162
I got to celebrate my roommate's birthday out at her farm. She has a lake. :)

Picture # 163
Because real women have curves!
*Again, this is at Lauren's house, same day. But I'm kind of trying to play catch up here!

Picture # 164
Took this one tonight! I baked cookies. Yum!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kind of Emo?

Not really, but I'm not sure what else to call it. Anyway, here is me, being lazy on my bed. I was supposed to run for at least a mile today, but I was way to tired.
Picture # 160
Speaking of being tired, I'm off to bed. Yes!

P.s., I'm wearing a dress I got in Egypt! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My roommate Lauren

I'll probably post quite a few pictures of my roommates, since I live with two of the most amazing girls I have ever met. They encourage me so much every day. Take today, when I had to take my car into the shop and stayed there from 10:40 to 3:30 my roommate Lauren drove in and kept me company. We even went out for some lunch.
Picture # 159
I did an awful good with the settings today, but at least I took one before ten o'clock! This was at noon, which is the worst time to take pictures unless you utilize shade. But I wasn't really thinking to much past the thought of, 'I'm actually going to have my picture done early!' Haha, oh well.

P.s., Isn't Lauren just beautiful?!