Thursday, January 21, 2010

March for Life

Tomorrow there is a protest going down in Washington, D.C. I wish so greatly to be there, but unfortunately that's not an option for me right now.

January 22, 2010 marks the day that thousands of concerned Americans will march  and never let anyone forget the horrible tragedy that happened in 1973. A genocide, happening to American babies, became legal. Yes, I am talking about Abortion. I don't care what you believe in, what your opinions are, nothing will persuade me that the taking of innocent lives, lives that aren't even given the chance to experience this world, is okay. To many young girls are sacrificing their children, because of social pressure that says, "It's not human yet, it's just a bunch of cells. Get rid of it." That doesn't stop that fact that it is a BABY. No matter what the world is going through, no matter what mistakes you've made, the right to life should always be upheld. I've gone through debates against pro-choice friends, and heard about the situations that drive people to commit such an act. What they never mention is the aftermath. I have listened to, read testimonies, and prayed for so many women who even years after getting an abortion still struggle with depression and scarring. They don't tell you that girls who have an abortion increase their chance of miscarrying a wanted child later. They also forget to mention that medical studies are now discovering that those who go through an abortion increase their chances of getting Breast Cancer by 25% or more. Abortion is not just a one-sided issue, and it is not just a religious argument either. There will be people of all kinds protesting the practice of Abortion tomorrow. Moms, daughters, fathers, and sons. Christians, Muslims, Atheists. All affected by the knowledge of what Abortion is doing to our country and to our young.

I am proud to say that my school is doing something to stop the genocide. There is a student group on campus called R.O.S.E. Which stands for "Reclaiming Others Sacred Existence." In honor and support of those going tomorrow to stand for those who do not have a voice, I post this picture.

Picture # 21

Please look more into this issue than just the surface. Do the research. Know how Abortion affects everyone, not just the woman going through it.


  1. I'm so glad you made a post regarding this...I also wish that I could have made it there.

    This topic is one that is always close to my heart, and one I always speak out upon.

    I'm interested in this group your college has this something they created themselves, or something they are continuing?

  2. It's a group the students here started. Last semester the Student Body President created an emphasis week where for three days there were seminars and petitions, and all kinds of stuff available. We had Norma McCorvey, the woman who was a pawn in the legalization of abortion (She's now pro-life) came and met with some students. As a result of that week the group formed.