Monday, January 11, 2010

Scariest picture yet!

My little sister has to be one of the weirdest girls on the planet. And she will gladly admit this to you. Growing up, my sister and I would go out into the woods behind our house and play with all the little creatures we could find. If we were lucky enough, we would find at least ten salamanders and we would bring them home. Mom would freak out, so I would let mine go, but my sister would find some way to sneak them into the house. For weeks she would hide them in her room, until sadly, they would dry up because she did not know how to properly care for them. After we moved on from salamanders, we graduated to Iguanas. We did much better with them. After mine passed away from a random disease (Not making this up, Izzy did not die of animal abuse!) Jessica got a bearded dragon for getting straight As in the 5th grade. Since the 5th grade, she gained two other bearded dragons and two snakes. And if you don't know what a bearded dragon is, stay tuned, I'm thinking I might try taking a picture with the two younger ones tomorrow. As for the two snakes, one is currently in a school classroom, because Jessica chose to send it away when she went to college. But the other snake bites, so no one was willing to give it a new home. The only solution? My dad throws in a mouse once a week and Jess cleans the tank when she's home. Essentially, the snake stays all snug under the heat lamp in his tank, staying pretty wild.

Well, today, as I was planning out the photo, I thought I would try something with the dragons. But then Jess suggested a photo op with her Jungle Carpet Snake, and I couldn't pass it up. Even though she warned me he bites I didn't think much of it. I've held plenty of snakes before and what was the worst that could happen? But as soon as I stepped in front of the camera and Jessica placed the snake over my arm I could not stop jerking, which freaked the snake out, which freaked me out even more. He almost bit my face. But after I calmed down, so did the snake. The photo shoot became a lot more fun and if only I had better stuff to work with at home I could have gotten some phenomenal pictures. Definitely something to revisit in the future.

Now, Picture # 11!

 I tried some new editing stuff for this one. I'm not happy with how the pictures turned out, but I can't really make excuses. I just let all the crazy things happening around me to affect my overall picture. There are a few picture where I really have a terrified look on my face. They will never been seen by anyone other than family.

And I hated the lighting I had to use. Here at home I have very limited lighting options. I know natural lighting would be best, but I'm in this awful habit of not getting out of the house until about three, which in the winter would be considered the Golden Hour, but when you are surrounded by trees I cannot utilize it. Oh well.

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