Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day 2!

That's right, I voted. I fight the statistic that says my age group is apathetic and to lazy to get out and vote. Since turning eligible, I don't believe that I have missed an election yet. If I have it totally was by accident...
Picture # 206

I also went to a photojournalism seminar tonight where the guy did a really good job explaining his favorite pictures and how he does his job. At the end he had a presentation of a special project he did completely out of love for his two year old son who had passed away last year. I am not going to lie, I teared up like crazy. Rarely do I cry, but when I do...something really speaks to me. Plus, with several members of my family going through some really tough health issues (two in the hospital now, two just got out but still not doing great, and who knows what else), my insomnia that keeps popping up and making my emotional health go up and down, his story just hit my heart like none other. You can read a bit about what he shared about his son here. And after he finished speaking a few of my friends and I went up and got to ask some in depth questions. And of course I got my picture taken with him!
Ironically, we are both slightly out of focus, but it's ok because this awesome picture was taken by my friend Mike, who only has a point and shoot and is really just starting out. Speaking of Mike... I also have a self portrait with him from today as well!
Picture # 206 b, aka; "Old Man Mike"
Mike is a theatre major, and he is taking a "Make-up and Costume" class. How cool is that?! Today he had to be an old person, and then he proceeded to walk around campus like this for about an hour. 

Ok, so I know this post is getting ridiculously long, but Kelly requested that I show a close up picture of my crazy hair from yesterday. Here is one from when I first teased up my hair;

And here is the very last shot I took, where my hair was just driving me crazy so I threw it into a side ponytail.


  1. You're hair looks awesome!!! I love the last picture! Gorgeous!

  2. okay that second to las picture...I LOVE IT!