Friday, November 5, 2010

I have the best roommates!

It's true. My relationships with my roommates in the past have on the whole been pretty positive, but I am just so blessed to be sharing an apartment with these girls.
First though, my picture of the day!
Picture # 208
 Yay for experimenting in photoshop! Not the best job, but hey I'm just learning and I did this in less than 20 minutes.

This is my roommate Amy. You know a girl is cool when she walks through the door to her roommate on the floor setting up a shot, and then willing to be IN the shot! We had some laughs.

Now onto my beautiful roommate Lauren. She seriously is the best person on the planet right now. She is driven, God-focused, and the nicest girl you could ever meet. Sorry boys, you missed out, she is already taken. 
Unfortunately for them it is currently a long distance relationship since he goes to another school. But luckily for me, she wants to work on her cooking skills, and I am the taste tester. Oh yes, she feeds me. :) 

She made HOMEMADE pizza the other day, just to try it out! And it was amazing.

But more than this, she really is a true friend. I really do think the best of her and sometimes can't even comprehend that she actually likes me back. She pretty much is the person I most want to be like when I grow up. The ironic thing is I'm a year older...

Posting puppy pictures tomorrow.