Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to my apt.!

Wow today was a crazy day... actually, this entire weekend was crazy. I am not one of those who can go on such little sleep, I am about to crash right now, but I really just want to get these pictures up before I put it off for too long. Besides, I get to sleep in till about nine or ten tomorrow (aka this) morning.
Friday's picture!
Picture # 216
I did not want to do ANYTHING for this picture. So you see me making a face in front of the shower curtain in my hotel room. 

Saturday's picture(s)!
Got a bit artsy for this picture... I would have loved to take my picture outside in the sun but when it was sunny I was at the football game working for the band and didn't want to take the easy way out. But I did take this picture as well, just to show the ocean.
There is a faint line of white foam behind me... that's about all you can see. 

And finally, Sunday's picture!!!
Picture # 218
Oh yes, I got up with the sun. This picture is a shout-out to my amazing Spring Break I had last year. Being out on the beach I really missed the two girls who aren't in band and couldn't travel with Dawn and I. 
And... I really wish I had a few of the pictures to show you guys now, but you are going to have to wait. My friend Mason is working on his portfolio and so before we left I told him he could take pictures of me out in the ocean on Sunday. Once the sun was fully up (but still that amazing Golden hour!) I got out of my sweats and hopped in. The water itself wasn't that bad... it was getting out and walking back up to my hotel that was almost torture. Never again, but this one time was definitely worth it. I had fun and learned a lot from doing it and sometimes you just have to be willing to step on out and be a little crazy!  

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  1. love the lamp one. and the beach "jumping one" is so you =P hope you get some sleep!