Monday, November 22, 2010

A quite sad adventure

Woke up EARLY this morning to get the lovely Brittney out to the train station in time for her bus. I then proceeded to crash for a few more hours. Then I did some chores and later left to go meet my friend Taryn downtown. Unfortunately... when I closed my door to help her with a photography project, I realized that my keys were right there, sitting on the seat. Since both of my roommates are out of town, there wasn't anyway I could get my spare keys. This is only the second time since I've been driving that I locked myself out and the first time my dad came to the rescue. It was a small and painful life lesson, but at least Taryn was super nice the entire time and we got to spend some more time talking and catching up. Also, my tri-pod was locked inside as well, so my picture today is from the roof of my poor car.
Picture #225
Love the motion blur!

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