Monday, November 1, 2010

Creative Field Pic!

Definitely working to get back into the groove of doing different stuff for my 365. I had fun with this one, where I did everything; the styling, hair, and makeup! And I went to a different than normal location today. ...Aka the ravine behind my apartment complex. But I had only been down there at night, and from seeing it during the day now I can't believe I hadn't gone there sooner!

Picture # 205

Totally cut off my arms, but I love it. It's a different sort of picture, and I think it's eye-catching and makes you wonder a bit. 

And I'm posting a completely un-edited pic just so you can see how crazy hard it was to get a crisp shot. I went into to school today and by the time I came back it was already starting to get dark. Sad day.

Plus, I just love how my hair turned out in this one! I had teased it and teased it, but it was already semi-flat by the time I started taking shots. Next time I'll use some hair spray.


  1. i love these. Seem like something out of fairy and a little bit of rocker chic in there too. Love the grass and your hair =) and the light in your hair on the first pic too.

  2. really cool! I want to see a close up of the hair!