Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah make-up!

So, I've been out and about all night and did not have nearly as much time to dedicate to tonight's post as I would like. But my friend Sarah did my hair and make-up for today's picture and I am going to link to every picture she has done in the past for me. If you would like to get something done she does weddings, photo/video shoots, specialty (Zombies), etc.
Picture # 215
I feel like my eyes look huge in this picture! 

Anyway, links to all things Sarah!
From Nov. 8th - Hairdying
From Halloween - Egyptian
And from my 100th self-portrait- Punk(ish) Princess

You can also see her work featured in the latest Option LU, my favorite news show! It's a show made by students for students at Liberty University. The students work super hard and the episodes just keep getting better and better!

And I haven't forgotten about posting a picture from the photoshoot on Nov. 8th. Here is my favorite. 
Dying girl running
She needed an image that went along with a book cover of a thrill/horror type thing. Yes, it was cold. And I got asked later by a friend why I had been looking like a crack addict. Oh... the things I do for art. 


  1. hahaha! Both of those are really great pictures!! You look like such a model on the first one!

  2. beth the top one is so sexy and alluring =) the bottom one does look like something in a horror movie! like you are being chased and scared!