Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, I got a lot done today, not nearly as much as I need to, but I'll make it work. Anyway, today I played Modern Warfare 2. Crazy right? But I've heard nothing but Modern Warfare 2 for the past week, starting at my friend's apartment. I don't even remember how we got onto the subject but we did. Then the next day a guy who works in my school's media lab brought in his XBox and some games. Boys have been playing it constantly ever since. So I decided to do a video about the game for my class. And since I was talking about the game, I figured I might as well play it.

I actually really enjoyed it. I had no idea what I was doing, since I rarely have time to play video games, but I had fun walking around in circles until Bill, the guy who was playing with me, would come find me and lead me out.

I would definitely play again, but ask how to do more things before I start playing. This time, I essentially just picked up the controller and just started. This game is way different from the other video games I played before. I've really only ever gotten into three games. Motor Cross, Kingdom Hearts, and Mario Kart Double Dash. Oh, and does Dance Dance Revolution count? So this game was definitely a challenge for me.

I am legit playing this game! I took a back shot just for proof. And you can spot Bill's knee, ha. 

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