Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wind in my apartment?

Today was a weird day. I went into school pretty much brain dead. I couldn't focus on anything my professors said, and honestly just wanted to go back to sleep. But once I got out of class, life was pretty good. A couple of guys (six to be exact) made my day by holding open doors as I was walking into different buildings. It's not something I expect, but I honestly do appreciate it when guys take the time to do that. It's funny, my freshman year I hated it when it was obvious they were going to hold the door open for me. Oh how things change...

Picture # 222

Almost copped out today. I was debating on just either skipping or taking a weird picture where I didn't show my face. But then I tried to start thinking of different ways to get inspiration. One of the first things I thought of was a quote I had heard saying, "Everything looks better with wind!" I don't even remember where I heard it, but I decided to make it happen. 
So... I begged God to send a little breeze through my hair. Jk, I set up where I wanted to take my picture and got my roommate Lauren to use the hairdryer on me. It was really fun!

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