Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools!

Today was a fun day. I got up at early, shot some much needed footage of two adorable kittens and hung out with the girl who owns them, and really enjoyed a quick lunch with my friend Joe.
Later, I got called "One of the guys" in the media lab as I was editing, then got pushed into playing Call of Duty where I soon got called a chick by someone else and was told I shouldn't be playing. After I played for, 15 minutes or so I went to my last class which we held outside. It was beautiful!
Picture # 88
I am just slightly out of focus so I am going to include two other pictures today. :)
Here is a picture of the text we were reading for class on top of my favorite skirt.
Picture # 88 b
And finally, my April Fools fun. Someone in the media lab changed my relationship status from single to engaged. I was talking to someone and had left my chair, leaving the computer wide open. I have some theories as to who did it, but I really pretty much have no clue. So just joking around, I convinced my friend Tyler to be my fiancĂ©. This would never happen in a million years, but we had fun pretending. He even made me a ring!
Picture April Fools :)

Check out that bling on my left hand! And don't we just make the cutest couple?

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