Friday, April 9, 2010

A dear friend!

Today was a great day. Minus my philosophy exam. That was brutal. But right after I got called "A Spring Princess," I ran into a few people who I rarely get to see and I took pictures with my friend Brittney. I haven't seen Brittney since the fall because she decided to take a year off of regular school and get her certificate in Cosmetology. She's coming back this year though, and has auditions for the school's color guard in the morning.
Picture # 95
We had fun, as you can tell. And it's funny that in this shot she isn't looking in the camera at all, because in the next shot we switch.
Picture # 95b

Isn't she beautiful? I miss seeing her lovely self around the halls. She is one of the few girls I can trust to tell me the truth. Even when she's brutally honest, I love it. 

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