Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 100th! Self-Portrait that is

Ok. So I know the "rules" of a 365 self-portrait challenge basically state that you can only post one picture a day. But they are more like guidelines anyway. ;) Besides, I'm in completely different locations for each picture. And it's not a pride thing, I decided to do this challenge to become a better photographer, learn my angles, and gain confidence. All positive things.
Picture # 100!!!
I went with a punk princess feel for today's shoot. And yes, I am lying in a pool of pink petals. I know, it's awesome.
Picture # 100b
Save yourself while the dryer of doom sucks me in!!!!!!!!!!! :( Actually, I was shocked I could fit. I got pretty much my entire body in the dryer at one point, but those pictures didn't turn out like I thought they would. Even so, you gotta love this contrast!
Picture # 100c
Back outdoors! Yes, there are petals falling in the background, yes I am sitting back against the tree. This would have been the most perfect location if it wasn't for the awful looking dorms behind me. Oh well, no time to try and photoshop them out.
Picture # 100d

That's right, I am the queen of the laundry room. I chose to do a few pictures in here to reminisce over my winter shoot back in February. I got some strange looks, but I am getting better about doing things anyway no matter what people think of me. 

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