Saturday, November 6, 2010


I worked outside tonight and my toes nearly got frozen off! I had a babysitting job earlier on today, for a woman that I met my sophomore year when I took an educational tour of Israel. *Tip, if you ever go to Egypt, or another Middle Eastern country and you have visited Israel, keep it on the down low.
Anyway, I thought I would have had time in between babysitting and work to go grab real shoes... but I didn't. So my hands and feet were freezing for about two hours while I walked around outside and wrote notes. But, this led to my picture today!
Picture # 209
All the ingredients needed to warm me right up! Milk, hot chocolate mix, dark chocolate to add in and some candy corn! Plus some photoshop fun and I call it a night. 

Took some time and went through a ton of photos today. Here are my top pictures of my Holly Baby!

We got two dogs from the same litter when I was ten. Angel is the white and black dog, and she is my sister's. What's funny is that our dogs really do (did) reflect our personalities. But Holly and Angel have NEVER been separated other than one day when Holly got lost, and then three days when Angel got lost in the snow (She had been picked up and we knew the next day, but because of the snow we had to wait... I think). I have no idea on how Angel is taking being the only dog. The poor thing. 

If there is one word I had to describe Holly as, is HAPPY. She was always a happy dog and no matter what kind of mood I was in she was ecstatic to see me. ...And then she'd wander off and pretend not to hear when I called. She definitely had her own personality.    


  1. Holly is beautiful Beth! And I love your picture. It conveys the cold feeling!

  2. Loved seeing all your pictures of Holly - she was really special!