Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Only 100 pictures left!

Where is my time going?! Crazy how life flies by as you start getting older. Anyway, there is basically a marsh in front of my house, and today I decided to take the girls out there and get some shots. It was super awkward, b/c we really didn't have much room, and to balance on that little island took some real skill. You can't see it but i had set the camera on another island, quickly steppen on a half-submerged log and got into place. I got water in both of my shoes, but it wasn't too bad, just cold since the water was lightly iced over. And as we all know, I sure can put up with some cold water

Picture# 265

*Mad props to anyone who can spot the dog. The first person who emails me (EEwingMedia@gmail.com) with a description of the dog and her location will receive one high res photo posted on here or on my flickr, your choice. Speaking of which, any other pictures from my photoshoots or for clients will be posted on flickr until I can get enough money together to create my professional website (hopefully sometime this spring). But there is just not enough free space in this blogger account to be able to continue like I had. This is the best thing I can think of to do so i won't have to spend any money. My apologies!

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  1. *Dog has been found! I should do more stuff like this though. I'd love to hear suggestions on what kind of prints/gifts you guys would be interested in winning!