Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gym day

The only time I left my apartment today was to go to the gym. I was definitely working on stuff, I just didn't have to leave my room, so I didn't. It was nice. Very peaceful, and Lauren cooked up soft tacos for lunch, so that was amazing. I'm mad jealous of her cooking skills... but as the same time I don't want to put in any of the hard work that she has had to to gain those skills. Such is life. You get what you put in. 

Picture # 286
I took this while waiting for my aerobics class to start. It was worth the wait, but I was so bored before going in!


  1. I'm trying to domesticate myself in the cooking department as well. haha It is difficult.

  2. Yes! I am not alone, haha. My roommate is going through this cook book right now called, "The American's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (3rd Edition)," and it is amazing. I actually cooked a recipe from it tonight and I managed to not mess it up. The text is simple and it has pictures too. :) It's perfect for people who are really good cooks, but workable for those who aren't. Good luck!