Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrifty Coffee!

After starting my day right with "Noga" (What my roommate calls the Christian Yoga class) somehow in the afternoon it got turned around. I knew I needed to change my attitude, and quick if I wanted to get anything done today, so I stopped by a thrift store right down the road for a little shopping therapy. I went specifically looking for cool things to wear for a self-portrait. I had such a great time exploring that treasure cove of stuff. I found wedding dresses, but old wedding dresses, with lace/puffy sleeves. And they were only 25 bucks! I wanted to buy one and do another Trash the Dress session. But I don't have the money, so I consoled myself by trying on two ridiculously fabulous 80s party dresses and then two modern dresses I would actually wear out if they didn't have stains on them. I almost bought one, but bought a hat instead. That is going to be an epic picture I'll take soon. Get excited. :) If I ever get some money for my creative endeavors I'm so going to go back there and buy a few more things as props and costumes (hint hint).

Picture # 290
(Check out the sleeves!)

So after this I went back to the apartment to do homework. Amy and Patrick were watching a movie so I finished that with them and then we put in Mr. Bean's Holiday. Words cannot express how much I adore that movie. I could watch it over and over again, it never gets boring. 

 Last, I took a trip out to this great little coffee shop to hang out with a random dude I met on the bus my sophomore year here. He's an online writer and my junior year I happened to read one of his articles and commented on it. He remembered me and we started talking through twitter and facebook about different aspects of Christianity. Well, he came back to school this semester, so we wanted to actually meet up face to face. Worked out really well, we covered a lot of topics and had some really great conversation. It's so awesome when you become friends with someone over social media and it still translates over to real life. 

*Note, I might post some 80s dress pictures on Flickr, not sure yet though.