Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today, was a rush day. I had a hard time getting out of bed, I had a quick lunch with an old roommate (Love you Sarah!), got stuck in traffic and couldn't find a parking spot. Then I was supposed to have shot a video today, but because I couldn't get to school on time due to there being no parking, the camera guy left and the other girl who was supposed to be in it asked me to reschedule. I should have called to let them know about the traffic, I wasn't thinking. Oh well. Hopefully we can work this out and do it on Wednesday instead.
Anyway, I've been running around for most of the day, getting things done and working on homework. So my picture today is pretty basic, and completely different from the one I took yesterday. For starters, it was warm, and I was able to have my jacket off. Second, instead of the winter wasteland location, I was in my school's parking lot, about to change to go to the gym. Thank God for sun flare!

Picture # 288

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