Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Shoes!

This seems to be a cliche to do in the self-portrait realm, but I honestly was not aware how much it really was when I shot it. Then I looked on Flickr (I like this girl's pictures)and was astounded. There are some phenomenal pictures up there.
Picture # 278
My roommate Amy had to help me with this one. The candle is lit, and it took some serious skill to make sure it didn't fall off and light me on fire. It was quite a sight to see though, since Amy was standing by the wall with the candle in her hands, I would start off by the camera, press the button, jump/roll into place, and try to get my feet flat enough to balance the candle before the timer was done. It was MADNESS! But fun. 

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  1. I was imagining you doing this in my head and thinking "how in the world did you not burn yourself?" Very cool picture!