Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friend/scriptwriting night

Today has been one weird day, let me tell you. I've been working slowly on a script all day, and I'm finally getting to where I want to be. I also picked up my friend Brittney and we took a trip to the mall. It's a crappy mall, but we had fun looking around and saying that we needed rich boyfriends (Okay... maybe this was more me). We also found $1.50 sunglasses at Forever21 and had to buy two. Then I dropped Brittney off at our friend Scott's new apartment while I ran in to go this cafe where I go to church. I just wanted to ask the pastor a few questions. I walk in, and who do I see? My friend Mike! He had just dropped in to chat as well, which made it really nice. I think we kind of made the pastor's day, because he has been going through a really tough time. Both personally and financially. I went in feeling sorry for myself, but ended up leaving feeling so much better off after listening to what he is going through. I'm praying for him.
Anyway, then I went to hang out again with Brittney over at Scott's. We watched the first two Narnia movies because Brittney hadn't seen them. She gave the most hilarious reactions, and I've decided I need to watch more movies with her!

Picture # 281
Haha, we all be looking so fly. :D

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