Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going to school!

So my family has this old desk that we picked up somewhere when I was really young. I think it came from my dad's old barn. Before my grandfather sold the barn, we took out everything that was wanted from it and I'm pretty sure that's when we got the desk. It's pretty cool, and still very easy to use.

Picture # 272

And sad day, I'm driving back to school on Thursday. I'm excited to go back, but I can't believe break went by this fast and I'm not ready!!! I'm not ready to start my last semester, I'm not ready to graduate and go into the real world. I love being a kid, I love have the knowledge that college is safe. Funny how I feel this way, yet I want to travel the world as a solo female traveler? Crazy. That's what I am. 

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