Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a snowing out there!

Wooo got out of school early because of the snow! It was an easy day anyway, but I went back to the apartment and watch Beauty and the Beast with my roomies. It was nice. Now we are all being super quiet and working on homework, with praise music in the background. What a great day. And I just got a text from a friend saying if school is canceled for tomorrow then he is going to walk over for a coffee/study day. Just gotta say, I love snow!
Picture # 287
LOVE IT! Yes, I was super cold, I forgot my gloves... but I think it was worth it. 
So what do you think about snow? What are the best ways you spend a snow day?

*On a more serious note, please be praying for Egypt. There is some very scary stuff going on right now, with the police beating, shooting with rubber bullets, and tear gassing the people who are protesting. Twitter was blocked for awhile, and there is talk of blocking facebook so people can't organize as well. A revolution is happening, and I hope that only good things come out of it. 


  1. hey! I'm so glad you guys got some snow. We only got rain, sleet, snow, then rain (that melted all the snow) hopefully we will get some tomorrow!