Saturday, January 22, 2011

Double picture post.

Yes, I realized I skipped yesterday. I had a very stressful morning and even though my day got way better later on, I just needed a break and did not want to document any part of yesterday. I'm posting two to make up for it. Can't believe how fast this project is flying by, almost to 300, that's crazy!

Picture # 282
Haha, my head in a fog. This perfectly showcases my daily life. And I kind of came into this picture by accident by leaving my camera out in my car for a few hours. I brought it in and started taking pictures with it... and voila! The glass steamed up, leaving one epic (I think so anyway) effect.

Picture # 283
Huh, it's funny how both of my picture kind of represent confusion or frustration. Have any of you guys been super frustrated with life? You can vent to me if you'd like!

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