Sunday, January 2, 2011

I can be one weird clown

To my dear friend Brittney, I'm sorry. I hope my sudden clown hairstyle does not scare you. <3...
I got a lot done today, starting with going to church! Then I went through a few sections of my room and sorted a whole bunch of stuff into two bags. One bag to donate and one bag to throw out. I finished with two of each. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot more done in my room. I also plan to hang out with my cousin Emily!
Picture # 263
Oh yeah, I remembered I had written this last year. I might do another one like it, but I haven't had time. 2010 was definitely  big year for me, but so much of it has been based around or happened because of my 365 project, I feel like I should just wait until whenever I finish. We'll see!


  1. Haha it definitely is! But it takes so long. :( I've already noticed a difference in my attitude though. I think all my stuff has been weighing me down.