Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 days till Christmas!

Where has my time gone?! Life is just flying by me, and I've heard it only goes faster. This semester is almost over and I still have so much that I want to do! Sad times.
Anyway, had a video shoot today, starring little ol' me and the lovely Brittney! Almost done editing it, I should finish sometime tomorrow hopefully. I'll definitely post a link on here then. I also went on a girl date with my good friend Emily, where we talked for over an hour in a book store and just got to catch up. That is the number one thing I miss about the dorms. Is I could always grab a girl and chat if something was up, but now it's much harder with most of the girls that I trust are off leading very busy lives.
Picture # 232

...Yes, I realize we are not facing the camera, but I love how this turned out! The total oppositeness (Yup, oppositeness) in this photo just makes me happy I guess. But, I'm also going to post another one just because Brittney's adorable face deserves to be seen!

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