Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Band Banquet '10!

 Tonight went so well. I got to dress up, got my "hair did" by Gracie, and went to the banquet with a complete gentleman (Scott!). So I've got three pictures to share. :)
Picture # 237
Forgive the face, I am TIRED. But I love this dress. It blows my mind that I actually bought this dress my freshman year of high school. Yeah, you read that right, HIGH SCHOOL. But then I ended up buying a different dress for homecoming my freshman year, wore something else my sophomore year, could fit into this my junior year, and didn't even try my senior year. So it's been hanging in my closet for alllllllll these years, and over break I go home and try it on, and it fit so well! Anyway, I'm done my little ramble. 
The group!
Brittney and I are both fans of The Ravens, so we and our dates rocked out the Purple and Black! Sadly, our team lost last night in the last quarter, but... we are pressing on. We all had a great time and Scott won a "Fruit of the Spirit" award! He totally deserved it. :)
We didn't want the party to end...
We all went back to my apartment where my roommates were very gracious and let us talk and watch a movie. I highly recommend Meet the Robinsons. Such a funny and encouraging movie. 

Now I'm going to go change, wash the goop off of my face, and sleep hard. I've got my first final tomorrow! :(

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