Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We had a snow day today. I really mean it, all of school was canceled. The governor of Virginia declared this storm a state of emergency. And all this just encouraged me to go out and take a unique picture. I had been hoping to do this for awhile, but today I worked up the courage to brave the freezing weather. I got my friend Stacy to do my makeup and after my outfit was complete I hit the great outdoors.

Picture # 36, "Winter Princess"

Soon after taking this picture I traveled to the laundry room where I got several weird looks, but I went ahead and took pictures anyway. 

Picture # 36b, "Queen of the Laundry Room"

I might revisit this dress out in the snow again, maybe go for a night shot. I like the look of what I did, but I should have planned the execution much better. I also turned into a big baby and did not want to work more in the snow. I really started to feel for the swimsuit models who have to shoot in January/February, because shooting in the cold really takes a lot out of you. I definitely learned that the hard way. Now I feel like I've got to come up with something even cooler for tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget the super bowl, that is going to be one crazy party!

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