Sunday, February 14, 2010

So I missed a day....

Actually, I technically missed two days. But I don't really care. My goal was to post every day, though I never planed on beating myself up if I missed. Unfortunately Friday night I missed posting simply because I got lazy. Saturday though, I have a good excuse. Technology wasn't working for me. I have a video due on Wednesday and I planned on working on editing it for two hours today. But no, my camera shoots in a format that the computer can't read. It's to complicated to go into here, but I spent most of my day trying to fix the problem. Tomorrow should be interesting, as I am trying a different approach. I might have to find another camera and re-film everything, but hopefully that won't have to happen. Alright, on to the pictures!

Picture # 43

My church back home  is phenomenal. They have a pretty strong college ministry and every Valentine's Day they send me a care package. This year I got some awesome pink socks and a college magazine. Last year I got a pound of home made fudge. Yum....

Picture # 44

Tonight my quad and I celebrated the day of love. With non-alcoholic drinks of course! Mmmm so good. We had dinner, desert, and Pina Coladas. Then the rest of the girls started to watch Bones, while I ran to a friends house to try to sort out my camera problem. We figured it out, but then it wouldn't work. :(


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