Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Film Noir?

I'm so sorry about the confusion of yesterday's post! I think I cleared it up.

Today's photo shoot was fun. I scared at least two girls who walked out in front of my camera. They thought I was in the middle of taking a picture and they were going to be in it, but actually I was just messing with the settings.
Anyway, since I have a huge test tomorrow I am going to get my butt back to studying. Here  are two pictures from today!

Picture # 46

This kind of look reminds me of a Film Noir, only I am not a Femme Fatale. At least I don't think I am one.

And I'm posting another picture today!

Picture # 46b

I love what my camera is capable of. I still need to do some more experimenting with it, but I love doing ghost-like things with my photos. Definitely makes the image interesting. 

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