Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sleepy

Man I do not know what is the matter with me. All weekend long I had been up and down with sleepiness, and it is spilling into my week. But I get to sleep in till about eight tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some restful shut eye.
I took a clep test today. A clep is a test to see if you have enough knowledge to not need to take certain classes. I took the English 101, and I am praying I passed because I do not want to take the class. I used to be "above average" (SAT scores) in English. But when you haven't had any classes in it for three years, things can slip up on you. The way they worded some of the multiple choice questions kept throwing me off. So we shall see what I get. If I have to take the class, then whatever, I'll survive, and it'll be an easy A. But if I pass, then I'll have more room in my schedule for better things.

Anyway, my picture today is representative of how I have been feeling lately. It's dark and grungy because that's what I was aiming for. It's reminds me of the old, "Five more minutes mom!" but more serious than that. I actually like how it turned out and I think it portrays my emotions without being overwhelming.

Picture # 39

Eww look at my crinkly hand. Haha. And yes, that is a tye-dye shirt I am wearing with a flames blanket on top. Totally miss matched, but I don't care. Have a good night all!

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