Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mmmmm TV

Wow today was crazy (I started this on Friday, but now it's Saturday, oh well). People have either been calling or texting me the entire day. I had about twenty minutes of down time from 11:00 to 5:00. Then I had a video shoot tonight, which I feel like it went really well. It lasted until just after 9, and then I crashed. Yeah, I should have taken care of the blog first, but I admit, I watched some TV. For the first time since last SUNDAY! I normally watch shows pretty regularly, and so for me to be to busy to get on Hulu is crazy. I think that this semester though I might just have to refrain from watching to many videos because I am to busy creating them! Anyway, I have got to hit the sack, I'm pretty much a zombie right now.

I freakin' love black and white. I don't do to much without color, but sometimes it's fun to throw up here. And as a side notes, I am wearing my fabulous headphones that I like to edit with....and listen to my shows with. No matter what you are doing in life, you have got to have good audio. And that's a lesson you can take to the bank.

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