Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Epic Journey...

God has really been working in my life recently. A lot of things have been up and down, but He has been teaching me a lot of lessons that I never needed to learn before. So much of my life I have only relied on myself, simply expecting God to give me His blessing in whatever I tried to accomplish. This year things are changing rapidly and I am fully realizing that I can't do it by myself. It's a humbling experience, one that has me scared to the core, and yet so excited I can barely contain myself. Right now I feel like there is a glass wall between my present self and the future self that God has started to reveal to me. I sincerely believe that the glass wall is my "flesh" or worldly self. Once this glass wall is torn down there will be nothing holding me back from being in God's will. I really look forward to that day.

Picture # 42

I think this picture reflects perfectly where I am at right now. In this picture, I'm basically exploring a snow fort that some friends of mine built. I'm moving forward, but keeping a wary eye out. :)

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