Thursday, February 4, 2010

Showing another side of me!

While I am waiting for emails to come in with information about my summer internship, I figured I would show a bit of what used to be a big part my life.

MUSIC! I was raised in a very musical household, my mother is a band director and my father used to be the lead singer/guitar player for a pretty popular band in MD. He stills sings, but mostly for karaoke. My older sister is married to a man who plays guitar as well as plays/sings in a band, my younger sister plays trombone and piano, and I used to sing and play the French Horn. I was learning guitar for a long time, but once my guitar broke I lost the drive to play.

Oh, and both my younger sister and I are in Marching Band. I perform in the Color Guard. Although for several reasons in the coming fall I will not be in the color Guard, I will be behind the scenes as videographer. Anyway, I'm sure you all get the picture that I love music. So today's picture is of my good friend Joseph and I playing around in the band room.

Picture # 35 "A bang and a 'bone!"

Hitting the gong actually reminds me of middle school band, the only thing about middle school I liked. If we were able to finish a book of music then we could ring the gong so the entire band would know. We were also allowed to ring the gong if it was your birthday. In essence, being allowed to hit the gong was a huge highlight as a kid.

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