Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Lauren!

Well I went all over town today because I got lost. And once again I had a dash of stupidity thrown in with a bunch of awesomeness, but I'm not stressing over it. I definitely am still learning new things, and thank God I was able to fix the problem before something worse happened.

Anyway, tonight I got to go see a movie with my friend's Lauren and Sarah. I met up with Lauren right after I worked out at the gym, so I'm looking a bit rough, but Lauren is looking beautiful as always.

This is at the Invisible Children's rally, but unfortunately we had to leave to go meet Sarah before they played the movie. We did enjoy some of the stuff before hand though! Oh, and don't you just love the guy in the background?! He must have spotted me with my camera and figured he wanted to get in on the action. I caught him in about five other pictures looking right into the lens.

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