Friday, March 12, 2010

Phenomenal day! was such a good day. Even though the weather was awful and my hair frizzed up something fierce, so many great things happened. I had a long meeting with the director of Media House in Egypt, and I fully think that I will be there in the summer. My friend Elizabeth was back in town and I got to see her for a bit, then I went out to eat with my friend Joe where for desert we got this amazing cheese cake, it was ridiculously delicious. It was great catching up with him, we used to be dinner buddies back during freshman year. And we both have a shared love of this show, Chuck. It's such a great show, and we both just stumbled into watching it and were instantly hooked.

Picture # 70 The last dress!
Today was a tough day in front of the camera, but I was also taking this ten minutes before my final mid-term, so I was stressed out. This was my fourth day of wearing a dress to class, and I can honestly say I am going to miss it. I need more dresses! They put me in a very sociable mood. 

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