Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo hike!

I went on a hike today. For two hours! I like hiking, but rarely do I have time to go anywhere. Luckily, my friend Mason is a photographer and he works on the grounds for my school. He invited me along to go take pictures of this Dam we have on the trails. It ended up being a group of four who went, and it was awesome seeing everyone's creative shots of nature.
Picture # 83

I didn't bring my tripod out for this trip so I was worried about taking my self-portrait. But it turned out that the dam had the perfect amount of room for me to lay down across the top. I took some crap from the guys for taking this shot, but I think it's worth it.

Here is my favorite shot from the day!
One of the guys found a piece of dead wood and just had to kick it. Love the dust effect!
And here is my second favorite. 

We found an old paint can out in the middle of one of the trails. The goo on that brush was disgusting. So of course photographers would be all over it. :)

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